Arvin Royon, PT

About Arvin Royon, PT

Mr. Arvin Royon is a physical therapist based in New York, NY. He provides consultations to patients of all ages and genders at Prestige Health & Wellness. Mr. Royon is well-trained in treating patients experiencing back problems, herniated disks, neck pain, foot pain, ankle pain, and muscle strain. He employs various physical therapy techniques, including massage therapy, mobility therapy, exercise, and stretches. During consultations, Mr. Royon listens to patient concerns, conducts physical exams, explains their diagnosis, and prepares individualized and comprehensive treatment plans.

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Education and Background

Education and Training

Physical Therapist New York State Education Department

Education and Qualifications

University of La Salette, Bachelor's in Physical Therapy

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Practice Name

Prestige Health and Wellness - Financial District

Professional memberships

Physical Therapy Registered in the Philippines Professional Regulation Commission

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