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I am Jan Nuel Manuel, a dedicated Physical Therapist fueled by a passion for fostering healing and enhancing quality of life. My professional journey is grounded in a strong educational background from the Far Eastern University – Nicanor Reyes Medical Foundation, where I graduated in Physical Therapy with honors and successfully passed rigorous national and international licensure examinations.

As a Physical Therapist, my primary aim is to empower patients to regain functionality, mobility, and independence in their daily activities. This commitment involves a thorough assessment of each patient’s unique needs, the creation of customized treatment plans, and the provision of skilled care that upholds the highest standards of excellence.

My career is marked by a reputation for being highly organized, flexible, and adept at handling multiple responsibilities simultaneously without compromising the quality of care. My clinical rotations and internships at prestigious institutions, including the Philippine Heart Center and FEU – NRMF Medical Center, have provided me with invaluable experience and a comprehensive approach to patient wellness.

Committed to lifelong learning and professional development, I continually seek to expand my knowledge and skills to enhance patient outcomes and contribute meaningfully to the field of physical therapy. With a steadfast commitment to patient-centered care and a compassionate approach, I strive to make significant contributions to any healthcare team I join.

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Education and Background

Education and Training

University of Montana, Doctor of Physical Therapy

Education and Qualifications

Far Eastern University – Nicanor Reyes Medical Foundation

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Practice Name

Prestige Health and Wellness - Nomad

Professional memberships

Philippine Heart Center and FEU – NRMF Medical Center

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