How Chiropractic Care Help With Lower Back Pain

Lower Back Pain

It’s possible that at some point of your life, you’ve experienced lower back pain. The low back is also known as the lumbar spine. This area connects a lot of bones, joints, nerves, ligaments and muscles that all work together to provide you support, strength and flexibility.

When you have pain in this area, it can be because of various reasons. Since this area is used for movement and motion every single day, it is more susceptible to injuries and pain.

The causes of pain in the area are numerous, affecting the bones, nerves, ligaments, joints and muscles and includes: car accidents, bending, slipping and falling, twisting, sprains and strains, pinched nerves, inflammations, some medical conditions or anything that can get your spine out of alignment.

Symptoms of Lower Back Pain

Woman with lower back pain

There are numerous kinds of symptoms for lower back pain, mild to severe and debilitating. It can start at any time or slowly, coming and going, getting worse over time. Some of the symptoms include:

  • Pain dull or achy contained to the low back;
  • Burning pain that moves to low back to the thighs, and may include numbness or tingling;
  • Muscle spasms and tightness in low back, pelvis and hips;
  • Pain that gets worse after sitting or standing for hours.
  • Radiating pain down one or both legs down to the soles of your feet.

Even if there are various symptoms, one thing is exact: the pain will compromise your entire health. Some doctors, to help the treatment, may suggest that you try chiropractic care. And in this article we’ll help you understand how chiropractors can help with lower back pain.

Chiropractic is a healthcare profession dedicated to treatments that do not require surgery. The main goal is to treat the nervous system and musculoskeletal system, focusing on the spinal manipulation and treating the surrounding structures.

How chiropractic care help with lower back pain

Man is having muscle pain at his back

If you choose to follow your care provider suggestion and find a chiropractor, but don’t yet know how this type of treatment can help decrease your pain, we’ll explain to you how you can benefit from chiropractic care.

First you should know that won’t be very different from what you’re used to with other medical providers. The chiropractors will gather information about you, the lifestyle you follow and the pain. It’ll include exams like MRIs, X-rays or whatever they find important to assure you the best treatment possible.

Chiropractors provide adjustments to the lower back

Chiropractic care can improve your health. Chiropractors use a adjustment, a standard procedures during the appointment, such as massage and manually manipulation of the joints and muscles along the spine.

These adjustments will get your spine back into place if the joints are misaligned which may be possibly causing your pain. It’ll help with fixing your natural posture as well, while also improving your immune system and decreasing pain in the rest of your body.

The manipulations help with reducing the nerve irritability, improving functionality and restoring range of motion.

You can get massages

Not all the adjustments can be done without massaging the areas where there’s muscle tension. Some of the massages that chiropractors may offer are: trigger point and deep tissue, for example.

The massages will probably get your lower back area less tense and more fluid and relaxed, easing the pain.

You’ll improve your strength and flexibility

As part of chiropractic care, getting your body stronger and more flexible is very important, especially your lumbar muscles.

The chiropractors can help you with the best exercises for you to execute at home without forcing or stressing your lower back. But building your lumbar strength is essential, especially if you sit down for hours on your daily basis.

They’ll help you with your lifestyle

And that not only means with your pain, but they’ll teach you about ergonomics as well. They can help you change your home and office set up, and see which factors may be contributing to your lower back pain.

They also can help with your mattress and pillows, to provide the best support for your lower back when you’re laying down.

Other therapeutic treatments


Chiropractors professionals may provide you with other kinds of therapeutic treatments to combine and ease your pain. They may offer acupuncture, physical therapy, cryotherapy or what they think will help ease your pain and improve your health.

But the main goal for all this treatment plan is to prevent pain and chronicity and use active care to accomplish it.

Now that you already know some of the benefits that the chiropractic care will provide you, come to Prestige and talk to one of our specialists. They’ll do the best they can to help you improve your health and live a pain-free life.

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